Toy Company Launched Baby Vaporizer? Caused A High Degree Of Discussion!
- Nov 10, 2017 -

Adam Padilla, an Twitter user, posted a picture of a baby toy box some time ago with a baby holding a kettle that looks like an Box MOD vaporizer, as well as My First Vape words.

 box vaporizer.jpg

The picture was widely circulated on Internet by Internet users and caused a high degree of discussion, causing positive and negative comments by Internet users. Each of them considered "funny" and "angry" netizens half the size of each other.

However, according to the information of, a famous rocket cracker in the United States, none of the above is true. During his interview, the illustrator pointed out that his purpose in making this illustration was purely interesting and not motivated.


The illustrator said, "There are many product images I created on my IG account, and my only motivation is to entertain and not attack any industry."

casper trio mod vaporizer.jpg