Vape Store Business Declines Seriously, The Main Reason Is To Promote Quit Smoking !
- Jan 08, 2018 -

The rise of the domestic e-cigarette market has more than three years. Why the current e-cigarette store business declined seriously? Business is very hot at the first few months, and then sales can not climb up again. 

Many people say that with the taste of tobacco oil, with the impact on the Internet, with no culture of e-cigarette and sediment-related, with too much shop with the e-cigarette store, ... a lot of argument.

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      All right? All right, but only said one face. I personally think that the main reason is to play with the "quit smoking" slogan!


      It is precisely because we generally hit the "quit smoking" slogan, vigorously promote electronic cigarette quit smoking, public awareness, electronic cigarette = quit smoking! The emergence of these two years of big smog, in the part of young people's cognition, has become: e-cigarette = play!


      Lead to: smokers generally believe that e-cigarettes are smoking cessation, do not want to quit smoking do not buy; people want to quit smoking, will only use 1-3 months, to quit smoking has stopped smoking no longer consume e-cigarettes, have not quit smoking Think that e-cigarettes are ineffective and do not consume e-cigarettes any more. Players use e-cigarettes primarily to play games, and interest in using them is 1-2 years.


      This plunged into a vicious circle, without persistence. Sell a customer, less than a customer; sell a customer, lost a customer! Less and less people, less and less customer base, continued consumption of electronic cigarettes less and less! Electronic cigarette store business can get better and better!


      At present, when we publicize smoking cessation, we have never thought about it. What are the motivating factors for consumers to quit smoking and really need to quit smoking? We only see the smokers quit smoking behavior, there is no reason to think about smoking cessation.

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      In-depth understanding will find that smokers quit smoking, generally because of family reasons, because of their loved ones, few individuals volunteered to quit smoking. Carefully speaking, it is because having a child in the family is because getting married is because children can not smell the cigarettes because their cigarettes have secondhand smoke because the cigarettes smoke more bad breath because smoking cigarettes for a long time leads to severe cough , ...


      With these reasons in mind, I can conclude from my understanding that 80% of these smokers who want to quit smoking do not want to quit smoking at all, just want to smoke healthier smoke! When you can not find a healthier cigarette, you can only quit smoking.


      That is why we often hear "quit smoking!" "I've quit many times!"

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      IQOS, why the market more than a year on the hot global? According to this perspective, we will understand very well.


To sum up, promote electronic cigarette quit smoking, smokers use 1-3 months; promote electronic cigarette "play", players use 1-2 years. Only by re-orienting the research and development of e-cigarettes and tobacco smoke, publicizing e-cigarettes as healthy cigarettes will lead to a general public understanding of "e-cigarettes = healthy cigarettes" and letting the general public adopt e-cigarettes as soon as possible so that the public can use e-cigarettes for a long time! Use 10-20 years, even longer! E-cigarette is the real future, e-cigarette store will be sustainable development!