Vaporizer Accessories The Most Widely Used
- Sep 21, 2017 -

The solution is heated to boiling, so that part of the solvent vaporization and be excluded, vaporizer accessories thereby increasing the concentration of solute, this unit is the operation of evaporation.

Evaporation is the most widely used enrichment method in the food industry. The purpose is usually to remove large amounts of water from food, reduce packaging, storage and transportation costs, increase product concentration and increase storage.

Evaporation is one of the important aspects of the production of concentrated fruit juice, but also the largest energy consumption of concentrated juice production. vaporizer accessories At present, the global energy shortage, the environmental situation is increasingly grim, especially in the autumn and winter season, and more for a long time shrouded in the haze, so the evaporation process of energy-saving technology is very important.

Concentrated fruit juice used in the production of the evaporator tube and plate two, the most widely used is the effect of falling film evaporator.

The operating costs of the evaporator are mainly determined by the energy consumption. vaporizer accessories Under stable operating conditions, the energy entering and exiting the system must be balanced. Through the intelligent configuration of the evaporator, the energy consumption of the system can meet the different needs of the user.

The energy-saving technologies used in the evaporation process include: multi-effect evaporation (MEE), thermal steam recompression (TVR), and mechanical vapor recompression (MVR).

In large-scale industrial production, vaporizer accessories often need to evaporate a lot of water, which requires a lot of energy to heat the water to produce steam. In order to reduce the consumption of heated steam, multi-effect evaporation can be used.

In the multi-effect evaporation apparatus, the steam generated by the first evaporator does not enter the condenser, but is used again as the heating medium of the second evaporator. Similarly, vaporizer accessories the new secondary steam produced by the second evaporator can be used as the heating steam of the third evaporator. Repeated use of this principle, the number of evaporators connected together to operate, vaporizer accessories that is, to form a multi-effect evaporation system, each evaporator is a valid. vaporizer accessories Multi-effect evaporator can use heat energy several times, can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce costs.