Vaporizer Clean Water
- Sep 21, 2017 -

How to maintain the motorized sprayer

 1, motorized sprayer mouth often maintenance mobile sprayer mouth often refers to the use of each time after the use of motorized sprayer should take maintenance measures:

 ① the residual liquid cleaning, do not save in the motorized sprayer, but do not take out to leave the next use;

 ② clean the surface of the motorized sprayer to ensure that the appearance of the beautiful;

 ③ to pesticide storage of indoor liquid with clean water, vaporizer but it should be noted that, if it is gasoline motorized sprayer can not use clean water;

 ④ carefully check the mechanical sprayer parts of the connection whether there is leakage, leakage, oil spill, if the above phenomenon, immediately be dealt with;

 ⑤ carefully check the various components of the screw is complete, whether there is loose phenomenon;

 ⑥ check the motorized sprayer often tools are lost, vaporizer if lost, then immediately fill;

 ⑦ clean, the motorized sprayer should be placed in a ventilated, dry environment, to avoid wet, near the fire environment, and anti-motor sprayer in the sun exposure.

Lack of power

 ① can not accelerate, power shortage. Check if the main orifice is blocked and, if blocked, clean the main orifice. After the completion of cleaning, fuel supply increases, can not accelerate the phenomenon can be resolved.

 ① smoke is very light, there is a spray nozzle phenomenon. vaporizer To see whether the silencer or mixed steam is a serious phenomenon, if it exists, then the silencer in the silencer clean, or adjust the oil needle, so that mixed steam thicker.

 ② high voltage capacitor damage. vaporizer Repair high-voltage lines or replace the high-voltage lines, and reinforcement.

 ③ running is not smooth. Flame: See if the engine of the motorized sprayer has experienced overheating after a long period of work. If this is the case, vaporizer it should stop immediately and let the engine automatically cool down and then restart the work.

 The engine suddenly off the fire: to see whether there is a motorized sprayer oil, vaporizer if the oil due to the deposition of oil, then cleaning the oil; if it is because the fuel mixed with water, you need to wash out the fuel, re-replaced with water Fuel.

 The engine suddenly stalled: First, see if the fuel is exhausted, if exhausted, vaporizer then add the fuel can be started after the normal; Second, check whether the spark plug due to carbon short-circuit caused by the normal can not lead to fire, if the case is cleared after carbon deposition , You can restart the normal use.