Vaporizer Using The Role Of Air Suction
- Sep 21, 2017 -

The backpack manual sprayer is the use of air suction effect of the potion or other liquid into a mist, evenly sprayed to other objects on the device, mainly by the box, pump, air chamber, vaporizer outlet pipe, handle switch, spray bar, Joystick components and straps and other major components.

Although the manual sprayer is simple and convenient to use, but there will be some work failure, to the use and operation to bring some trouble, vaporizer now introduce the correct use of manual spray and maintenance methods for your reference.

First, the correct use of the backpack sprayer

1. Before use, add a small amount of water up and down several times, feel the pressure is normal, the connection parts are leaking.

2. Formal use, the first to add the mother liquor after adding water, liquid liquid level can not exceed the safe water level line. Before spraying, first pull the rocker more than 10 times, vaporizer so that the bucket pressure to work pressure. Pull the rocker when not too hard to avoid gas chamber explosion.

3. After the end of the liquid must be mixed evenly, vaporizer the prevention and treatment of uneven concentration of the upper and lower liquid effect.

4. The diluted solution must be clean, control spray process blocking the nozzle or nozzle, and sometimes also affect the efficacy.

5. Small area spray can choose a single nozzle, vaporizer a large area of large water spray selection of dual nozzle, long-distance spray selection of direct nozzle.

6. work is completed, should be promptly poured out of the barrel of residual liquid, and washed with water to dry, at the same time, check the gas room with water, vaporizer if the water, to remove the water connector to release the water.

7. Spraying highly toxic pesticides should wear long-sleeved clothes, wear masks, do a good job of physical protection, smoking and eating, vaporizer to prevent poisoning.

Second, the backpack sprayer maintenance and maintenance

1. After each use, wash the kits with water, vaporizer if necessary, wash with detergent, detergent.

2. At the top of the pump at the wool pad to the regular drop of lubricating oil to ensure that sports lubrication, to prevent leakage of liquid.

3. If you do not use the sprayer in the short term, vaporizer the main parts should be cleaned, wiped dry, placed in a cool dry place; prohibit the placement of sun exposure caused by plastic parts aging. If you do not have long, you will have to apply the metal parts of butter, to prevent rust.

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