Warning!!! Do Not Put Battery And Coins Together, Or Else It Will Lead Serious Consequences
- Jan 02, 2018 -

According to the Global Press Network of Canada, on Friday night, a man in Calgary, Canada, was severely burnt due to the explosion of a battery of electronic cigarettes in his pocket and was taken to Foothills Hospital for treatment. He was told to have a skin graft because of a third degree burn. After the incident confirmed that the accident was due to the pocket of spare electronic cigarette battery and scattered coins caused by short-circuit caused by the battery.


It was reported that Terrence Johnson and his wife, Rachel Rex, were experiencing a sudden spurt of flame at the restaurant, Johnson's pants pocket, after dinner, Severely burned. "After a meal at our favorite Embarcadero restaurant, chatting with our favorite waiters outside the restaurant, there was a sudden explosion and the fire was blowing everywhere. We realized , My husband, Terence, had a fire and his spare battery for electronic cigarettes exploded in his pocket, "Rex said:" His jeans and cotton underwear were burned and the fire burned his skin. 'S hand was also burnt while trying to put out the fire.He mostly had first degree and second degree burns, but his thigh was blackened partly by third degree burns and he may need to undergo skin grafting.

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