The Oxford Dictionary includes 'Vape' because of Consumption of Vaporizers
- Jan 02, 2018 -

China Electronic Cigarette Information: The British Oxford Dictionary has included the word Vape related to the consumption of electronic cigarettes into the dictionary. In fact, in recent years, the Oxford Dictionary has included several records each year, such as Second Screen, Sentiment Analysis, Side Boob, Side-Eye, and Smartwatch (Smart watch) and so on.

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Data show that usage of the word Vape in the Oxford Thesaurus has increased considerably in the past two years, as a device that allows consumers to inhale nicotine in electronic devices, and that explanation has become more and more popular on the web .

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In fact, when e-cigarettes were not yet available for commercial production and consumer use by the 21st century, the term Vaping was used back in 1983 to describe the phenomenon of consumers using certain devices to smoke. In addition, in August 2012, the E-Cigarette was included in the Oxford Dictionary.