Wax Vaporizer Approach
- Sep 21, 2017 -

Evaporation operation due to the use of the evaporation equipment and the solution is different, wax vaporizer  the accident occurred in the treatment methods are not the same.

Leakage occurred in the equipment and piping welds, flanges, sealed packing, expansion joints and other weak links.

The direct cause of the leakage is open, wax vaporizer  parking due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by cracking; or into the pipeline due to corrosion and thinning, when open, parking due to stress and rupture, resulting in liquid or steam leakage.

To prevent such accidents, in the car before the equipment should be strictly tested, test pressure, leak test, and regularly check the equipment corrosion.

For the evaporation of the crystallization of the solution, wax vaporizer  often with the material thickening and crystallization, resulting in pipelines, valves, heaters and other plug, so that the material can not flow, affecting the normal operation of the evaporation.

So the timely separation of salt mud, and regular effect, in the event of clogging, you should use pressurized water rinse, or use vacuum suction remediation.

(1) may be too large opening expansion valve, wax vaporizer  into the evaporator in the refrigerant too much in the evaporator can not be completely evaporated, the excess liquid accounted for part of the heat exchange area, heat transfer area reduced, into the evaporation temperature is high, Should be adjusted according to the appropriate cooling capacity expansion valve opening.

(2) Another possibility is that the condensing temperature is too high to introduce the evaporation temperature, because the condensation temperature increases, wax vaporizer  the compressor compression ratio increases, the suction coefficient decreases, the gas specific capacity increases, resulting in evaporation temperature.

(1) It is possible that the expansion valve opening is too small or the expansion valve is clogged. Then the refrigerant into the evaporator too little, part of the heat transfer area without refrigerant heat absorption, the gas out of the compressor suction requirements, the evaporator gas specific volume reduction, pressure drop, evaporation temperature should be based on It is appropriate to adjust the opening of the expansion valve.

(2) refrigerant liquid shortage, into the evaporator refrigerant rarely, resulting in part of the surface area can not play the role of heat exchange. wax vaporizer  The refrigerant entering the evaporator is easy to evaporate, but can not meet the compressor suction requirements, resulting in evaporation temperature drop, according to the number of design instructions to join the refrigerant.

(3) evaporator chilled water temperature is too low, or even frozen, mainly chilled water circulation is too small, wax vaporizer  according to the need to increase chilled water circulation is too small, should be increased according to the need for chilled water circulation, and check the pump.