Wax Vaporizer The Principle Of Circulation
- Sep 21, 2017 -

This type of evaporator is characterized by the solution flowing in the evaporator for circulation. According to the principle of causing liquid circulation, wax vaporizer  it can be divided into two types: natural circulation and forced circulation. wax vaporizer  The former is by means of different degrees in the heating chamber at different degrees of heating, so that the solution produced by the density difference caused by the natural cycle; the latter is to rely on external power to force the cycle of forced circulation.

In actual production, in addition to the above-mentioned cycle and one-way type of two types of wall-type heat transfer evaporator, and sometimes also use direct contact heat transfer evaporator.

It is the fuel (usually gas or heavy oil) mixed with air after the combustion of high temperature flue gas directly into the evaporation of the solution, high temperature flue gas and the solution in direct contact, wax vaporizer  making the solution quickly boiling vaporization. The evaporated water is discharged directly from the top of the evaporator together with the flue gas.

Usually the depth of the combustion chamber of the evaporator in the solution is 200-600mm. The temperature of the high temperature flue gas in the combustion chamber can reach above 1000 ℃. However, when the gas and liquid are in direct contact, the heat transfer rate is faster. Solution temperature is higher than 2 ~ 4 ℃. The combustion chamber of the nozzle because of the use of high temperature, more easily damaged, wax vaporizer  it should use high temperature and corrosion-resistant materials, the structure should be considered easy to replace.

Immersed combustion evaporator is characterized by simple structure, high heat transfer efficiency. The evaporator is particularly suitable for the handling of easily crystallized, wax vaporizer  fouling or corrosive materials. Such evaporators are widely used in the waste acid treatment and the evaporation of ammonium sulfate solution. But it does not apply to non-flue gas contaminated materials, and its secondary steam is also difficult to use.

Evaporator structure of many types, wax vaporizer  in the choice of evaporator type or design evaporator, to meet the production tasks required to ensure product quality under the premise of taking into account the use of the evaporator is simple, easy to manufacture, wax vaporizer  easy operation and maintenance, Heat transfer effect and so on. In addition to this, but also on the evaporation of the material properties of the material have good adaptability, including the material viscosity, heat sensitivity, wax vaporizer  corrosion and whether the crystallization or scaling and other factors.