3 IN 1 Vaporizer Pen

3 IN 1 Vaporizer Pen

3 Coils in 1, 1000mah 35W MOD box, magnetic cap, magnetic detachable dab tool, one button operation. LED light display. 15 seconds overheated protection

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                            Hecig Casper Trio 3 IN 1 Vaporizer Pen

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Casper Trio, 3 IN 1 Vaporizer Pen for dry herb and wax! Classic Mod Vaporizer!

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  • Magnetic dab tool

  • Detachable dab tool

  • 3 coils in 1 

  • deep ceraimic coils

  • size: 93*31*22mm

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Large capacit ceamic chamber, all coils are hecig exclusvie mold.  Deep ceramic chamber.

3 kinds of coils in one set, one vaporizer, 3 enjoyment!

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Smart desing for dab tool. Small but magnetic, you will never lose it. 

It is also a mouthpiece when wax vaping.

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3 coils in one set, Perfectly meet your need for different material vaping.

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35w MOD vaporizer,  special flat coil for your dry herb vaping!

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Are you looking for something small and discreet, or something larger that sits in your home?

For a desktop vaporizer, decide if you would like to inhale through a mouthpiece directly connected to the device, or through a bag that is filled and then detached from the device. Take a look at the different vaporizers Aurora offers and decide what will work best for you. marijuana vapor 

How do I vape?

Depending on the model, handheld and desktop vaporizers run using a power source or a battery. Load the product chamber of the vaporizer. Turn on the power button of the vaporizer and select your preferred temperature using the temperature controls. Once the device has heated up completely, place the mouthpiece of the device on your lips and inhale the vapour. vaporizer for smoking

What are vaporizers?

Vaporizers are devices that create heated air; this warmed air passes over dried cannabis that has been loaded into the device's chamber, extracting the cannabinoids which the user inhales through the mouthpiece. herbal vaporizer reviews 

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