Awesome Dry Herb Vaporizer

Awesome Dry Herb Vaporizer

4 quartz coil for dry herb,ceramic donut coil for wax,magnetic tube,magnetic coil cap,1400mAh battery,detachable hanging ring and lanyard,5 colors,silicone jar.

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Awesome dry herb vaporizer

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Hecig Honour, 4 quartz coil for dry herb vaping, awesome!

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Detachable hanging ring and lanyard.

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Megnetic Tube and Megnetic coil cap, very easy to use!


1,My pen vaporizer wont turn on. What's wrong?


Most pen vaporizers have a 5-click lock mechanism. Simply click the button 5 times rapidly and it should turn on.


2, What is the perfect temperature for vaporization?


It really depends on the vaporizer. However, the optimum temperature range for most vaporizers is somewhere within 335 to 385 degrees Fahrenheit.


3, How long does it take for the vaporizer to heat up?


It really depends on the vaporizer. Some vaporizers take 3-4 minutes to reach vaporizing temperatures, whereas some units can heat up in 10 seconds!


4, Do I need to grind my blends before vaporizing?


Definitely. Grinding your blend allows for more efficient vaporization because it increases the surface area of your blends and allows hot air to pass through much more effectively.

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