Awesome Weed Vaporizer

Awesome Weed Vaporizer

4 quartz coil for dry herb,ceramic donut coil for wax,magnetic tube,magnetic coil cap,1400mAh battery,detachable hanging ring and lanyard,5 colors,silicone jar.

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Awesome Weed Vaporizer

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Hecig Honour, 4 quartz coil for weed vaping, awesome!

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Detachable hanging ring and lanyard.

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Megnetic Tube and Megnetic coil cap, very easy to use!

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1, How can I tell when my blends are finished vaporizing?


It all depends on your preference. Some users will stop when the blends have turned lightly brown, while other users will vaporize until the blends are much darker.


2, How do I load my wax/oil into my pen vaporizer?


We recommend using a dabber tool. A dabber tool is a small metal instrument that makes the adding and removing of your wax/oil painless. It also allows the user to accurately apply the wax/oil directly onto the atomizer or into the oil cartridge.


3, How should I inhale while vaporizing?


For most vaporizers, we recommend a slow and steady inhale. This will typically produce the best results.

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