Box Mod Starter Kit

Box Mod Starter Kit

Ceramic Heating System,30 Sec Heat-Up Time, Multiple Heat Settings (5 total),Intelligent Auto-Shutoff,Pure and flavorful vapor, One-button control system

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Hecig Rhino Box Mod Starter Kit 

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Box Mod Starter Kit .jpg

The Hecig Phino dry Vaporizer pen is a one button operation vaporizer starter kit for dry herb only. Simple shape, stylish and portable. But function is not simple. 5 Temperature Setting! Heating to use only needs 30seconds.

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  • Sleek Compact Design

  • 30 Sec Heat-Up Time

  • Pure and flavorful vapor

  • Multiple Heat Settings (5 total)

  • One-button control system

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Where can I use an electronic cigarette?

The laws regarding where e-cigarettes can be legally used vary from place to place. Typically, if you can legally smoke in an area, you can also vape there. In some places, smoking bans may also include electronic cigarettes, while in others you’re free to vape anywhere unless a private business posts signage telling you not to vape. vape pen for concentrates 

How do you fill an electronic cigarette?

The exact procedure can vary from ecig to ecig, but typically, you must unscrew the tank and then hold it at an angle, dispensing e juice along the side of the tank, avoiding the opening in the center. Go slowly, so that the ejuice does not back up and flow into the center air hole. dab vaporizer pen 

Does vapor smell?

Vapor does usually have a very faint scent, but it will smell like the ingredients in your e juice, making it sweet or herbal. The smell fades very quickly and doesn’t cause your clothing, skin, or hair to smell. cigarette vaporizer 

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