Dry Herb and Wax Vape Pen

Dry Herb and Wax Vape Pen

Hecig Casper Trio is the latest MOD design Wax & Dry herb Vaporizer, hide in hand, anywhere vape without seen. It is a great innovative vaporizer for beginners and seniors! One vaporizer, triple enjoyment!!! Advanced techniques in sleek portable design ensure your anywhere vape easy and comfortable!

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                         Dry Herb And Wax Vape Pen

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The Casper Trio includes everything you need to start vaporizing. it features a all-in-one solution Dab tool and magnetic model designed with you in mind.provides for a great user experience.

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Detachable dab tool with magnetic function. Convient to dig thick was and seize wax still in coil chamber 




What do I do with vaped herb?

Vaped cannabis, or ABV (already been vaped), and confusingly also known as AVB (already vaped bud), as well as 'duff' and 'vape poo', still contains some cannabinoids. These goodies can be got at by using the ABV for edibles, tinctures ... or even smoked (though this somewhat defeats much of the purpose of vaping - namely, avoiding smoke).

I lost my charger, mouthpiece, or other accessory. Do I have to buy a new vaporizer?

No. If you lost part of your vaporizer or would just like to reorder a spare, please see our Vaporizer Parts page.

Is vaporizing better than smoking?

Heating a substance until it burns (also called combustion) releases numerous harmful chemicals and toxins. Vaporization of a substance eliminates most (if not all) of these harmful by-products.

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