Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer

Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer

Ceramic Heating System,30 Sec Heat-Up Time, Multiple Heat Settings (5 total),Intelligent Auto-Shutoff,Pure and flavorful vapor, One-button control system

Product Details

Hecig Rhino Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer

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Item NameRhino--Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer
Product BrandHecig
MaterialStainless steel & PC Plastic
Size 114*22.5*31mm
Temperature setting356°F~428°F(180℃~220℃)
Battery capacity2200mah
Set Weight200g

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Quick 30 seconds heating.

Rhino is one button design guarantees a hassle-free session.

5 tempertature setting to ensure the best baking in your vaping!

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  • Sleek Compact Design

  • 30 Sec Heat-Up Time

  • Lithium Ion Battery Power

  • Super Precise Temp Control

  • Multiple Heat Settings (5 total)

  • Intelligent Auto-Shutoff

  • Unique BIG CERAMIC chamber

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What's included

1* Rhino Vpaorizer                1* TWEEZER

1* BRUSH                              2* CAP FILTER

1* USE CABLE                       1* USER MANUAL


Why wont my pen vaporizer heat up? Is it locked?

Most pen vaporizers come with a lock mechanism. This is utilized so that your unit doesnt unintentionally heat up while in your pocket or purse. To unlock/lock, simply press the button 3-5 times in rapid succession. e cigarette that looks like a cigarette 

How do I clean my vaporizer?

For glass components, Orange Chronic and Agent Orange are an excellent choice for keeping your glass clean and sparkling. You might need to disassemble some of the parts before you begin to ensure a thorough cleaning. Q-tips are great for reaching those hard-to-reach spots. Most vaporizer screens can be cleaned with a small brush or glass-cleaning solution. This allows for proper air flow and maximum efficiency. e cigs for sale cheap 


How can I tell when my blends are finished vaporizing?

It all depends on your preference. Some users will stop when the blends have turned lightly brown, while other users will vaporize until the blends are much darker. most popular e cig 

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