Vape Box Mod Starter Kit

Vape Box Mod Starter Kit

Ceramic Heating System,30 Sec Heat-Up Time, Multiple Heat Settings (5 total),Intelligent Auto-Shutoff,Pure and flavorful vapor, One-button control system

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Hecig Rhino Vape Box Mod Starter Kit

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Our Rhino offers a powerful and energy efficient ceramic heating element with an anodized aluminum cover and stainless steel mouthpiece for flavorful, clean vapor. The stainless steel mouthpiece is easy-to-clean and allows for great tasting, enjoyable vapor. 

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Item NameRhino--Vape Box Mod Starter Kit
Product BrandHecig
MaterialStainless steel & PC Plastic
Size 114*22.5*31mm
Temperature setting356°F~428°F(180℃~220℃)
Battery capacity2200mah
Set Weight200g

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  • Sleek Compact Design

  • 30 Sec Heat-Up Time

  • Pure and flavorful vapor

  • 2200MAH battery

  • Multiple Heat Settings (5 total)

  • Intelligent Auto-Shutoff

  • stylish and slim portable

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What is “automatic inhalation activation” and how does it work?

Some ecigs and mods have batteries that will automatically produce power as soon as you inhale by activating a switch which responds to the force of inhalation. And when you stop vaping, the power supply shuts off too. It only takes about a second for the switch to turn on. The vapor is then generated automatically for you to inhale, meaning you don’t need to press any buttons. This may mean your battery drains a bit more quickly, but a lot of users don’t mind the trade off. best pen vaporizer for weed 

Is vaping safe?

Vaping is relatively new, so there have been no long-term studies done on the effects of vaping. Still, short-term studies have revealed that there are fewer chemicals and harmful substances in vapor than there are in cigarette smoke. Cigarettes contain about 3000 chemicals with 43 of those being known to cause cancer and another 400 having toxic potential. E juice is usually made up of 3 ingredients, all of which are safe: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavorings. Some also contain nicotine. best vaporizer site 

What type of vaporizer should I buy?

There are many factors to consider when comparing different types available, as selection drastically increases every year.We understand that buying a vaporizer can be a daunting task, so we went ahead and developed our very own buying guide for you, that you can use to make an informed purchase, whether it's your first, or even 10th time. world's best vape pen 

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