Weed And Marijuana Vaporizer Pen

Weed And Marijuana Vaporizer Pen

Ceramic Heating System,30 Sec Heat-Up Time, Multiple Heat Settings (5 total),Intelligent Auto-Shutoff,Pure and flavorful vapor, One-button control system

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Hecig Rhino Weed and Marijuana Vaporizer Pen

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Weed and Marijuana Vaporizer Pen.jpg

Hecig Rhino Herb Vaporizer pen offers a powerful and energy efficient ceramic heating element with an anodized aluminum cover and PC plastic for flavorful, clean vapor.

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  • Sleek Compact Design

  • 30 Sec Heat-Up Time

  • Lithium Ion Battery Power

  • Multiple Heat Settings (5 total)

  • Smart Temp Memory

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 Is vaporizing really that much healthier than smoking?

Yes, there is no doubt about that. We believe that with the advent of the vaporizer, smoking will soon be a thing of the past. See our science page for the reasons why. oil brand vape pen 

 Is it difficult to use a vaporizer?

Generally not, but this depends on the type of vaporizer. For some models emptying and refilling the herb chamber or cleaning the vaporizer might be a bit bothersome. One must always be careful, as the heating element and the filling chamber can get very (very!) hot.vaporizer 2018

The vapor makes me cough. Is there something I can do to prevent this?

It is likely that you’re vaporizing at a temperature too high. Though it can be nice to inhale very concentrated white vapor (because of the strong effect), it is difficult to keep this in the lungs. Lower the temperature and the coughing will likely cease. dry herb vapor pen 

What's the difference between conduction and convection methods?

When using a conduction vaporizer, e-liquids or herbs are placed directly on the heat source to produce vapor. Convection models, on the other hand, do not involve direct heat transfer, but instead hot air is circulated through substance inside the heat oven.

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