The Best E Cigarette Starter Kit

The Best E Cigarette Starter Kit

Stepor Kirin is an excilent starter kit. Featuring a built-in 3300 mAh battery Keep you vaping for longer between charges than most of the competition

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The Best E Cigarette Starter Kit 



The STEPOR with Kirin features a 3300mAh internal Li-Po battery, 50 watt max output, The 3300mAh internal battery(30A) is the perfect power source for sub ohm-ing with the most of tanks in the market. the airflow system has been designed into the top of the unit for easy access to the freely adjustable airflow from restricted and tight to airy and open. To fill the tank, simply remove the top section to expose the juice reservoir and fill. Featuring a dainty 2.0mL tank, pushing it towards the small tank category for on the go usage. Made for the minimalists out there.




THE kit includes

1*Stepor Mod

1*Quick Start Guide

1*Kirin tank

1*USB cable


What if my battery light is on but there is no vapor?

For the Vapr Edition

A. As long as the atomizer hasn’t been damaged, this is usually an easy fix. Remove the atomizer from the battery, check the contacts on the battery and confirm they are both standing straight, at equal height and clean of any foreign matter. Second, clean the contact on the atomizer, spin the direction from how it was last on, and firmly re-secure the atomizer to the battery making sure there are no gaps between atomizer and battery. Push the power button and check. If problem persists, repeat prior steps and try again. Also, test the battery with other atomizers. Sometimes varying voltage affects the atomizers differently depending on age or lifespan of the iPuff™ Vape pen. Testing other atomizers will allow you to pinpoint the source and may indicate that it is a battery problem.

For the Errl Edition

A. First, ensure the heating element is secured correctly by making sure it is completely screwed into base. If problem persists, check the connector between the heating element and the base. Refer to cleaning section for further instructions. Also, ensure that the base and the connection with the battery are secure and free of debris. Lastly, test secondary heating element to see whether the problem lies with the heating element or battery.

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