4 Quartz Dry Herb Vaporizer

4 Quartz Dry Herb Vaporizer

4 quartz coil QUAD Technology,Giant Ceramic Chip coil, Stand out triangle Ceramic Technology, Magnetic Atomizer Tube, Magnetic Coil Cap, Tai Chi Shape detachable silicon jar, Detachable hanging ring and lanyard, Adjustable airflow, 1400mah battery

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                                         4 Quartz Dry Herb Vaporizer 

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Hecig Honour, 4 Quartz Dry Herb Vaporizer. The best vaporizer!

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  • 4 quartz coil QUAD Technology

  • Stand out triangle Ceramic Technolgoy

  • Detachable hanging ring and lanyard

  • 1400mah battery

  • Built-in Silicon Jar

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Magnetic Coil Cap

No threading, no worries abuot the wax stick to threading. 

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Built-in silicon jar. 

Hecig Exclusive Tai chi shape wax container, very convenient for your vaping! Easy using!

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How can I clean my vaporizer?

Vaporizers can be cleaned by taking the mouthpiece off and rinsing it with water or alcohol. Empty the chamber brush off any small particles that may be left over. Connecting pieces can be wiped down with water or alcohol to remove particles and residue.  vape mod accessories 

Can I fly with my vaporizer?

According to the TSA, vaporizers are only permitted in your carry-on luggage. For additional information, please read our blog post regarding air travel and vapor devices. cheap vape box mod kits

Is there any second-hand smoke or smell associated with vaporizing?

Vaporization does not create any smoke, and produces very little lingering smell or odor. best mods ecig 

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