4 Quartz Wax Vaporizer

4 Quartz Wax Vaporizer

4 quartz coil QUAD Technology,Giant Ceramic Chip coil, Stand out triangle Ceramic Technology, Magnetic Atomizer Tube, Magnetic Coil Cap, Tai Chi Shape detachable silicon jar, Detachable hanging ring and lanyard, Adjustable airflow, 1400mah battery

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                                         4 Quartz Wax Vaporizer 

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Hecig Honour, 4 Quartz Wax Vaporizer. The best vaporizer!

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  • 4 quartz coil QUAD Technology

  • Giant Ceramic Chip coil

  • Stand out triangle Ceramic Technolgoy

  • Magnetic Coil Cap

  • Detachable hanging ring and lanyard

  • 1400mah battery

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Magnetic Atomizer Tube Cap

Super strong magnetic power between the atomizer tube and the base. just pull and drop to open and cover.

Built-in silicon jar. 

Tai chi shape wax container, very convenient for your vaping!

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