wax and dry herb vaporizer

Magnetic Connection,All-in-one Solution( 4 Atomizers for 4 materials) ,1500mAh Battery Mod,Exclusive Dual quartz Coil and donut coil Mold

Product Details

HECIG Arter dual quartz coil dry herb coil for wax dry herb cbd oil and eliquid

Model NameArter
Market DirectionDry Herb, Wax, CBD Oil and E-liquid
Features1.  Magnetic Connection
2. All-in-one Solution( 4 Atomizers for 4 materials)
3. 1500mAh Battery Mod
4. Exclusive Dual quartz Coil and donut coil Mold
MaterialStainless steel   
Technology      Hecig Ceramic Coil,Quartz coil, Flat herb coil Magnetic connection      
ColorsBlack, Gray
PatentHecig Exclusive Mold
Output Wattage30W
ResistanceCeramic coil:0.5ohm,            Quartz coil:0.8ohm  
CBD Coil(1ml)  : 2.0             E-liquid coil(2ml):0.8ohm 
Special ServiceOEM, ODM

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Extra Service: 

1) Design client's LOGO on the battery and gift box (Accept OEM);

2) Design the box and cigarette based on customer's device .


Passed Test:
1) Simulated 3000m altitude air-pressure test;
2) -20℃ - +60℃ temperature testing;
3) Salt spray test;
4) Appearance test (wear-resistant, alcohol, sweat, hardness, adhesion, etc.)
5) Functional test (vapor amount, suction, leakage, battery capacity, battery resistance, short circuit protection, etc.)
6) Life test (puffs, battery self-discharge, negative pressure leakage, etc.)
7) Simulated transport drop test, vibration test, soak test.

What’s the difference between a vaporizer and a bong or water pipe?

In a bong the herb (usually cannabis) is burnt, which then gives off smoke. The smoke is then filtered somewhat by passing through water before it is inhaled. But even after passing through the water, it’s still smoke, filled with tars and toxic gasses. A vaporizer doesn’t really need a water filter, as it doesn’t produce smoke in the first place. Filtering either smoke or vapor with cold water may not be such a good idea anyway, for as the MAPS/NORML study showed, the water will also filter out the active components of the herb (like THC), requiring one to smoke or vaporize more.

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