High Effective Quartz Wax Pen

High Effective Quartz Wax Pen

Hecig Nano is a high efficiency quartz wax pen. The atomizer is connected via magnet for easy attachment. No unscrewing when loading or cleaning. Dual quartz coil and ceramic donut coil for your choice.

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The atomizer is connected via magnet for easy attachment. No unscrewing when loading or cleaning.






1xMagneto nano atomizer

1xUSB charger

1xMagneto nano battery

1xDab tool



1.How do I clean my device?

To clean the atomizer, hold the pen upside down while pressing the power button for approximately 3-5 seconds only. This should allow for all excess material to flow out of the core and air channels. Remove the atomizer from battery and take a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol to clean the exterior and interior of the atomizer, but be sure to avoid touching the coil itself. Go over the air channels on silver ring of atomizer to help free up any wax/oil that may have collected inside. A Q-tip and rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean the inside of the mouthpiece. See manual for further information on how to properly use your vaporizer.

2.What if my battery light is on but there is no vapor?

As long as the atomizer hasn’t been damaged, this is usually an easy fix. Remove the atomizer from the battery, check the contacts on the battery and confirm they are both standing straight, at equal height and clean of any foreign matter. Second, clean the contact on the atomizer, spin the direction from how it was last on, and firmly re-secure the atomizer to the battery making sure there are no gaps between atomizer and battery. Push the power button and check. If problem persists, repeat prior steps and try again. Also, test the battery with other atomizers. Sometimes varying voltage affects the atomizers differently depending on age or lifespan of the iPuff™ Vape pen. Testing other atomizers will allow you to pinpoint the source and may indicate that it is a battery problem.

3.Do I need to hold down power button while vaping?

Yes, while inhaling the power button on battery needs to be pressed to activate the heating coil. If the power button is pressed for more than 10-15 seconds continually, the battery light will flash and turn off to keep the heating element from burning out. Just wait a few seconds before activating the heating coil again.

4.How do I turn my device on?

To turn on the device, press the power button 5x rapidly. The power button will flash and then illuminate when pressed (Vapr or Errl) or turn red (Flowr). This is how you will know the unit is turned on.

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