Vape Starter Kit For Wax

Vape Starter Kit For Wax

Classic Pen shape.Magnetic Cap, magnetic and detachable dab tool, 510 threading. Exclusive Deep Ceramic Chamber Coils, Dual quartz, Flat dry herb and Ceramic Donut coils optional.8 colors.

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                 Hecig Big Hero Vape Starter Kit for Wax

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Big Hero,Vape Starter Kit for Wax! Classic pen shape vaporizer for wax.  

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  • Varnishing painting technique

  • Classic pen shape 

  • Small dimension: 127.6mm* Φ 19mm

  • 1100mah battery

  • Hot but not burning

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The classic coil Dual quartz coil guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence. 

Ceramic Donut coil is an optional replacment coil to give you more chices. 

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Can I fly with my vaporizer?

According to the TSA, vaporizers are only permitted in your carry-on luggage. For additional information, please read our blog post regarding air travel and vapor devices.

Who do I call if I have questions about my order?

If you need additional information regarding the status of your order, please contact our Customer Service team.

How do I cancel my order?

If you choose to not wait for your order to be processed, we understand. To cancel your order, please contact Customer Service via Live Chat.

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