Vapor Pens For Sale

Vapor Pens For Sale

Classic Pen shape.Magnetic Cap, magnetic and detachable dab tool, 510 threading. Exclusive Deep Ceramic Chamber Coils, Dual quartz, Flat dry herb and Ceramic Donut coils optional.8 colors.

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                 Hecig Big Hero Vapor Pens for Sale

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Big Hero, Vapor Pens for Sale! Classic pen shape vaporizer for wax.  


  • Stainless steel material 

  • Magnetic and detachable dab tool

  • Varnishing painting technique

  • Small dimension: 127.6mm* Φ 19mm

  • Slim and portable 

  • Instant heating

  • 15 seconds overheated protection program

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Muti-function dab tool. The dab tool defer from the usual ones, our big hero features a magnetci and detachable dab tool. It is easy to dig wax and hold wax in vaping!

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3 kinds of coils for your different vaping. the dual quartz coil and donut coil are for wax, both features deep ceramic chamber. and the flat coil is for dry herb and weed, it is the latest fucntion for pen vaporizer

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Is vaporizing better than smoking?

Heating a substance until it burns (also called combustion) releases numerous harmful chemicals and toxins. Vaporization of a substance eliminates most (if not all) of these harmful by-products. medicinal thc oil 


Who can use Prohibited products?

Prohibited products are intended for consumers of legal smoking age. This product is not sold for therapeutic use.oil extractor cannabis 

What is the best temperature to set my vaporizer?

We recommend setting your vaporizer to 175° C - 210° C (350° F - 410° F) although different temperatures will result in different cannabinoids being vaporized. This may result in different effects, flavours, and vapour density.extracting cbd from cannabis 

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