Weed Vaporizer For Wax

Weed Vaporizer For Wax

Classic Pen shape.Magnetic Cap, magnetic and detachable dab tool, 510 threading. Exclusive Deep Ceramic Chamber Coils, Dual quartz, Flat dry herb and Ceramic Donut coils optional.8 colors.

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                 Hecig Big Hero Weed Vaporizer for Wax

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Big Hero,Weed Vaporizer for Wax! Classic pen shape vaporizer for wax.  

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Item name                   Weed Vaporizer for Wax

Battery                         1100mah

Dimension                    127.6mm* Φ 19mm

Material                       stainless steel

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  • magnetic cap

  • detachable dab tool

  • Top quality stainless steel

  • Slim and Portable

  • Instant heating

  • 1100mah battery, heating with no burning

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The classic coil Dual quartz coil guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence. Exclusive mold, very deep ceramic chamber!

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Handhold size, you can put to any pocket. stylish and classic, easy to take vape on the go.

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There are 8 colors for man and female. there must be one suit for you.


Does it smell when vaping?

Depending on the device of course, most e-cigs and vaporizers release a very faint odor that can often be compared to slightly burned popcorn. So odor is much less prominent than traditional cigarettes. parts of atomizer 

Can hash be vaporized in a vaporizer?

Yes, absolutely. However, this does not go for every vaporizer. For hash, the temperature for vaporization starts off slightly higher. Therefore, a vaporizer where the temperature can be controlled works better. Because hash tends to melt when heated, this can be a problem with vaporizers that use a screen in the herb chamber/bowl. The melted hash can become a hazard when it runs down to the heating element or electrical parts. where is the atomizer located   

Will I get bigger clouds of vapor if I turn up the temperature? 

Yes. Turning up the heating temperature will typically produce more noticeable and bigger clouds of vapor. short atomizer tank 

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